Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Helium 0.9.1 Update

Hey everyone, sorry for the late release and even later post about it. Been extra busy still. I did find some time on Thursday to update Project Helium. This update finishes the new enemy released in 0.9. The yellow enemies now shoot at you. They still travel straight, at one pixel per refresh (~30pps) faster than the sinusoidal enemies. Currently, they will only shoot when they are created and after that will only continue to move towards you. Expect more updates to both enemy types in the near future.

Other features I am working on include a better level system (which will make the first level easier, while also making each level more unique, as well as making levels more modular, so they can be rapidly produced), updated graphics (the current graphics are more or less placeholders for now), more sounds and background music, better sound quality, one more enemy type, better performance for the code, and a smaller version (for those with screens that are less than 800px high).

I welcome my user's feedback as always, and thanks for being loyal supporters of Project Helium!

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