Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, I kicked and screamed and thought I'd go down with a fight. Instead, I have found I have an opportunity to start my life over. I might be young, but I've made some less than desirable decisions already.

Starting today, I'm putting the last 4 years behind me. My girlfriend doesn't want me around. I tried to make peace, but all she wants is war. So that's fine, I'm starting to see she was not a very good person anyway. So I've decided to completely move on and I won't take her back even if she tries.

I'm also not going to go back to Walla Walla University. I love the people and the school, but I think its best if I seek other options. For now, I'm going back to Colorado and might take CS classes at the local community college. Once I complete that, I'll find a job and work on getting my full CS degree.

In the mean time, I'm playing things by ear. I'll wait and see what happens and try to build a good foundation for my life this time around. This time, I'm building a foundation based around me, not around me and another person. That was a huge mistake last time.

So the future is looking good again. I guess you could say I'm back, but then again, its more like I'm dead and a new person has taken my place. Its the kind of person I liked better anyways.

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